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Merit Award Winner

Project Name:  UW Health Cancer Center at ProHealth Care 
Location:  Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Design Team:  GRAEF

 “It’s the idea of bringing nature into a healing environment,” said Pamela Kleba, facilities and space planning manager for ProHealth Care. “And you can do that multiple ways through outdoor landscapes, indoor landscapes, as well as artwork and furnishings... It’s a holistic experience being intentional about how the care is provided, all the way from the building to the staff that are in it.” 

The project program was to develop a healthcare facility that combines medical clinic and office with cancer center treatment and therapy. With thoughtful design and planning it promotes holistic wellness both within the building and the landscape spaces provided around the building. 

The design intent was to provide a rich mix of landscapes, both inside and out, that provide CHOICE experiences for staff, patient, and visitor. The goals were to create and/or provide landscapes to view and inhabit; all season interest for spring, summer, fall, and winter; habitable rooftop gardens with distinct environments for patient and staff; and integration of water elements for healing properties inspired by local historic springs. 

The design philosophy: It provides a welcome respite from the traditional clinic setting, according to Colleen Sonderman, supervisor of cancer rehabilitation. “I think what patients and staff appreciate is that there was so much thought put into beauty and serenity and healing as opposed to a cancer center being a place you would never want to go to,” she said. “It’s actually a place that they find is quite hopeful and healing to them and I think the gardens makes a huge difference.” 

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