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Education Committee

The Education Committee is tasked with planning many of our events including but not limited to the WI ASLA Spring Conference, Field Sessions, ethics seminars, and other social events/gatherings. Thanks to their hard work, we have opportunities to gather and share our expertise and to earn continuing education credits. In an effort to bring more value to our members, this group consistently engages with our sponsors and firm partners to highlight new trends and to capitalize on momentum within the profession. Included within the Education Committee is the Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS). The mission of HALS is to record historic landscapes in the United States and its territories through measured and interpretive drawings, written histories, and large-format photographs. If interested in joining the Education Committee, please reach out to one of its members below.

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Education Co-Chair
Rhonda James
UW-Madison Facilities Planning & Management


Education Co-Chair
Stephanie Wilson
City of Wauwatosa

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HALS Chair
Christa Schaefer
Wisconsin Department of Transportation 

Engagement Committee 

The Engagement Committee is in charge of building and maintaining the relationships with our members. Some of the tasks of the Committee include helping reattract members who may have let their membership's lapse, engaging with emerging professionals, and highlighting professional practice to student groups. Members of this Committee help to plan social events that connect members and engage with students, spearhead campaigns to regain membership, and to highlight our membership's achievements. This Committee also works closely with the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus through the ASLA Student Chapter. If interested in joining the Engagement Committee, please reach out to Paige Bernhardt below.


Membership Chair
Paige Bernhardt
Ayres Associates

Outreach Committee 

The Outreach Committee covers a wide range of responsibilities from advocacy for the profession to professional and student awards to social media updates. Under constant threat of licensure regulation, WI ASLA is always seeking the next member to help with advocacy efforts. If you are interested in helping out, or just want to jury some amazing projects through the awards program, please reach out the the Chairs below.  Also, please find our new advocacy campaign on Wisconsin Public Radio and follow us on our various social media platforms for important Chapter updates. 


Outreach Chair
Tiara Wuethrich
Ayres Associates

614a331c762efc5ba747210d_Abbie Moilien_b&w-p-1080.jpeg

Awards Chair
Abbie Moilien
Saiki Design, Inc.

Alex Thill.jpg

Nominating Chair
Alex Thill


Advocacy Co-Chair
Sarah McDonald


Advocacy Co-Chair
Constitution & Bylaws Chair
Fellow Nominating Chair

Jonathan Bronk
UW-Madison Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture

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