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Honor Award Winner

Project Name:  Trane Park 
Location:  La Crosse, Wisconsin
Design Team:  Damon Farber Landscape Architects

This project revitalized a neighborhood park for all ages of people with autism, and physical disabilities. Trane Park’s rebirth began as a grassroots effort, led by parents of children with autism.


The Landscape Architects at Damon Farber worked closely with a diverse stakeholder group, including people from the local healthcare industry, school system, autism foundation, business community, and parents of kids with autism and special needs. Their input was incredibly valuable, their passion for the project infectious, and Damon Farber was forever humbled by their steadfast commitment to the project.


This space is bringing the community together in a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment. Everybody has the right to play – and this community and the design Damon Farber created for has sought to fulfill that mission. Additionally, the selected plants, trees, stone, furnishings and pathways combine to achieve the project’s goal of a park and not simply a playground.


Research into autism revealed the difficulties faced with social interaction and communication. All park components were selected to ensure safety and to cater to the unique needs for the target audience. Additionally, the team felt that an accessible or “all abilities” design need not translate into a diluted design. The team charted a more challenging design direction – one that sculpted the landscape into a dynamic space.

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